Post #8 Implementation (The I in ADDIE)

This blog post is for my EDTEC 700 Course at SDSU with Karl Richter.
The Administrative staff at my school is aware of what I do. Before I send a letter home to parents, I share it with them. I want them to know what is going on in my classroom. I invite them in and let them know what the students are doing and how we are using online environments. At the beginning of the school year I will include information about what I am doing in my syllabus and a letter home. I include the online content as a requirement to my course in my syllabus. I also send a letter home to parents a bit after the first week of school (when they aren’t being inundated with papers). I also make sure that my students have a signed district AUP (acceptable use policy)  on file with the school. I do these things to:

  1. inform
  2. protect
  3. advertise for my program

After all the forms are signed, I assign students to get a Google account. Once they have done this, they fill out an online form letting me know what their email address is that they will be using for Google assignments. I keep the form in a Moodle site. I do this because Moodle is password protected and it provides extra security for students filling out the form with their names and email addresses. Once this is done, I will begin the lessons I described in the Design post. I must then add the students to the appropriate site depending on what class they are in. Only people with permission my edit my sites.

The risks associated with this are, students posting inappropriate or too personal information. Or vandalism of the site or others pages. I have discussions with the students of my expectations and how to behave online with me and others in the class. I let them know what the consequences are. By starting small, monitoring and providing feedback, the students know that I am watching what they do.

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