Making movies with level 1 spanish students

We just finished making movies in my level one spanish classes. My classes have combined 7th and 8th graders. They started the process with an oral presentation about themselvs and thier families. They had to talk for 60 seconds in Spanish about 3 pictures that they brought in. From there they got in pairs and compared and contrasted themselves with their partners and wrote a short two voice poem. I had them put their words into imovie and then they had to use the pictures they used in their oral presentations. Because we were using mac, many students took advantage of the built in cameras and the photobooth aplication to take fun pictures of themselves. They then had to create original music in grageband and put it under their voices. There were a lot of people talking at one time in the room, so there is a lot of background noise. They are definetly novice learners, but they are really trying to use the language and I’m very pround of them.

Antonio y Enrique

Celia y Rosa

Roberto y Gregorio